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Background and Experience

Born 1949 in Queens NY

Living in the Northwest since 1972

Mother of two great daughters and grandmother of two girls

Married to Donald Moe MD

since 1978

Shoreline resident for 22 years and now lives

in Edmonds

Masters in Public Administration from the

U of W

B.A. in Communication from the U of W

Worked as:

Registered Nurse

Childbirth Teacher

Community Organizer

VISTA Volunteer

County and City Councilmember

- Done extensive research in the National libraries of Ireland, France and London and Mormon Library in Salt Lake City

- Traveled to Ireland to visit family numerous times, made arrangements during last visit to install a headstone for our great grandparents

- Researched and traveled to Prato Italy, Vita Sicily, Norway and all over the U.S.

- Researched, documented and recorded over 1400 relatives on Ancestry.com and Family Search.org

- Posted an extensive Family website with hundreds of pictures, letters and documents

- Produced over 10 family slide shows on DVD format

- Maintain family contact lists for 3 families and almost 100 people

- Organized major and minor family reunions, here and abroad

- Designed family history posters and photo books

- Scanned and organized thousands of photos for family members

- Worked with local experts on cleaning, repairing and framing family documents and pictures

- Located all my second cousins in this country

- Video recorded family members telling their stories

- Visited numerous local libraries, cemeteries and government offices here and abroad to research and copy records

Registered with the State

UBI # 600 410 029

Welcome Home Family History Services

Maggie Fimia

Edmonds WA

(425) 412-3674



    Maggie Fimia

with her Irish cousin Tony Hackett


I’ve been researching our family history for over 30 years.  This work has taken me to Ireland, Italy, Sicily, Norway, England, France, Cuba and many places in the US. 

I’ve found many cousins from around the world and the US who contribute stories, pictures and documents to our family story.  It’s a story that needs to be told. 

We have so much to learn from our Ancestors and each other and so much to pass on to those who come next!