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How to Get Started

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. 1. What are my most important goals right now? 

Then make a list of your priorities, for example:

        Organizing the family photos?

        Getting my Father’s story about WWII written down?

        Finding my Grandmother’s place of Birth?

        Starting our Family Tree?


  1. 2. What info does the family already have?  Who has it?

  2. 3. Who are my oldest relatives and can I contact them? 

  3. 4. Who in my family may be interested in getting the information I have about our history?

5. What’s my timeline: Family reunion coming up?

Visiting older relatives?  Special anniversary?

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  1. Set Your Short Term and Long Term Goals

  2. Talk to the Oldest People in the Family first

  3. Work on just a little at a time