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An Invitation

               Maggie Fimia, July 2010

Imagine growing up in a cottage surrounded by hills and valleys, creeks and woodlands. The smell of the ocean is in the air.   You walk everywhere. Your mother makes bread in a cast iron pot over the fire.  There is little money, but lots of love.  Your cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents work together. 

They laugh out loud. 


In the glow of candlelight they share songs, poems, memories and legends. Liberty, history, literature and the ancient game of hurling are at the core of many a discussion. There are Irish wolfhounds and horses, vegetable gardens and birds, hedgerows and rock walls that divide up each parcel & line the narrow roads.   You can see the church and old castle from almost any place you stand.

Imagine that suddenly, you have to leave all that you know, all that your ancestors knew. 


Imagine walking up the gangplank of a steam ship, small satchel in hand, $10 in your pocket, bound for a city far away.  If you are lucky, your brother or sister is by your side or maybe a cousin will be waiting for you at the end of the long journey. You don’t know if you will ever see Ireland again.  There are no such things as telephones. 

A letter home will take weeks before it is read.


Now imagine that your children’s children and their children and their children find each other after three generations of separation.   Imagine the celebration in your honor.  Imagine the sharing.  Imagine the thrill of discovering that they are all amazing people, full of life and love and that they laugh out loud!

Our Irish Family is gathering this July in a place surrounded by hills and valleys, creeks and woodlands. The smell of the ocean is in air.        

Imagine That!

Please join us.

Maggie Fimia

Edmonds WA

(425) 412-3674