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Maggie Fimia

Edmonds WA

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    After researching on my own for a number of years, I hired Maggie Fimia out of frustration with my lack of progress.  Because of her keen eye for detail, she found that my great-aunt had married the boy next door, which opened up a whole new search direction for me.  She's has been not only a great researcher, but coach and therapist during the difficult job of finding a torn apart family.  I'm looking forward to meeting cousins in April in Pittsburgh when I continue my research there. 

I owe her a debt of gratitude beyond words."

                                                                                   Maggie Peterson

We came to Maggie following the death of Rev. Otto Dreydoppel to see if she could help us display his life and family history through one of her family tree posters.  To bring this together in such a short time frame was only possible through her dedication and innovation. 

    We were insistent on some features that she had never seen done before, and yet Maggie found a way to do it.  At his Memorial Service we proudly showed this beautiful display of the Dreydoppel family from the Civil War through today, as well as a timeline of Otto's life.  Thank you Maggie Fimia.

                                                                                Larry and Carol Pauls   

  You have such a special gift of knowing where and how to find long lost family!  We had no idea how to search for my father's roots and you not only found much more than we ever expected, but wrapped it all up in a great package we could follow and readily understand.  We are very grateful for your expertise and time.  We know that this is a talent others will value and we are glad you will be sharing this blessing with others searching their ancestry.

                                                                                 Toni Ann Little


    My parents had immigrated to the U.S. from Norway and settled in Montana.  I mentioned to Maggie that I didn't know much about my family's history.  They rarely spoke of the life and family that they had left behind.  Maggie explained to me that this is often the case for a variety of reasons.  My children have asked me questions about their grandparents that I regret I am unable to answer. 

    Maggie volunteered to do some research for me.  I provided her with the information that I had, basically, where and when they were born and their passports.  She made a search and provided me with copies of her findings.  

    She was able to identify the name of the ship that they sailed on, and provided a picture of it along with it's history, she located the passenger manifest which included some personal information they had given, and the documents pertaining to their arrival in New York City.  She included a map and a brief history of the towns where they were born.  It was information that I had never known and I was surprised that it was even available.   I know that my parents came from large families with many brothers and sisters and Maggie says she could find out even more if I wanted to pursue it.   Someday I might just do that.                                

                              Mary Nelson                   


I discovered genealogy and Maggie Fimia late in life: 73.    Maggie was able to trace my families for six generations and give me the tools to continue.  Throughout the process she was engaged, enthusiastic, a great researcher...as well as teacher. I feel most fortunate to now know on whose shoulders I stand.  This would not be possible without Maggie.

                                                                                                               Elizabeth W.

Maggie was a huge help in showing me how to archive and track my family history. She made what seemed at first to be an overwhelming task approachable and rewarding. Her skill set includes patience with me as the customer, and an amazing ability to navigate the genealogy websites that were pertinent to my family's history.  I look forward to our continuing work together. Thanks, Maggie.    

                                                                      C. Stewart

I asked Maggie to just let me "pick her brain" for a project I have, and she was very, very helpful. She formatted some photos for me, and gave me very helpful suggestions for my book. I highly recommend her services, as they are pertinent and practical, and her prices are very reasonable.

                                                Lenore Zissermann, M.A., OTR/R