What’s Holding You Up?

Welcome Home Family History Services is designed to help you achieve your goals in a timely and affordable manner.
“Welcome Home”  
Family History Services
...here to help you tell your family story

    Or, the problem of...

  2. Not enough info or unlabeled pictures.  

  3. “I don’t know anything about computers.” 

  4. “I’m afraid if I start it will take over all my time.”

    Maybe you just need help navigating around the websites or family tree programs.  I can show you what I’ve learned and how to get info out and enter your info into these programs. 

    Is there a closet full of photos and documents that need sorting and preserving?  I can help you get them organized, labeled and into albums or books or give you the tools to do it yourself!

    Do you have a special family member who is older and you keep meaning to ask them about the family history?

I can help you design the questions and coach you about how to interview a family member or we can set up a time to do it together and record it on video that the whole family can enjoy.

    “I don’t even know where to start,” is something I often hear.  If you’re doing research, you start with what you know and work backwards.  If you want to get information from relatives, you start with the oldest ones first.  If you want to preserve family photos, you also start with the oldest ones.  I can help you and your family members tackle these projects and get them done! 

Maggie Fimia

Edmonds WA

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Me = 2 Parents


4 Grandparents

8 Great Grandparents


16 Great Great...

that’s just me!


And that’s just my parents!  Then there’s all the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, places they lived, worked, traveled, worshiped, Other people they married, step children, half brothers and sisters...

  1. 1.Let’s see, there’s the problem of way too much info

or too many pictures...